Saturday, October 16, 2010

traditional chinese medicine

The western medicine practice sometimes are just solving the symptoms, leaving the root cause uncured. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a different story. It always find out the root cause, treating the cause instead of just the symptoms. It may take a longer time for the symptoms to subside, but it get rid of the root once and for all.

Went to a clinic practicing chinese medicine, hoping my eczema problem can be solved. The clinic is located at jln genting klang, same row with KFC, above 7-11.

Waited for about an hour for my turn to consult the doctor for just a few minutes.

The doctor asked if i always faint easily, saying i'm a little anemic. wow, how did he know, by just examining my eyes? He said that my eczema is due to weaker immune system, so he's subscribing something to strengthen the immune system. Satisfied with this consultation, at least he's explaining the condition and its cause. I've seen dermatologist and there's not even an explanation of possible causes; idiopathic.

According to the doctor, i should avoid mango and crab as they'll cause itchiness to the affected area. never know that mango can cause itchiness too! It's one of the fruits that i like! sigh..

The consultation and medicine cost rm50 and have to go back for follow up after finishing the medicine.

The clinic only open 4 days in a week, closed on tue, wed and thurs. very odd working days.