Sunday, September 25, 2011

milk formula

Milk is one of the most complete of all foods, containing nearly all the constituents of nutritional importance to us. (Dr Tee Ee Siong, president of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia)

There are variety of milk formula available in the market nowadays. So many brands and so many types to choose from. There are cow's milk, goat's milk, soy formula, organic milk...

DHA? Sugar content? etc etc...


Look at the bigger picture, as Dr Tee suggested.

When you're unable to decide, go back to the basic. Is DHA the reason your child drink milk? Is DHA or sugar content the only factor that decide what milk your child should be taking? NO, definitely no.

A complete nutrition, or well-balanced diet is what you should be looking at.

Children consume milk for their calcium, iron, vitamins & other minerals which are equally important for their growth.

So, always look at the overall nutritional profile of the milk rather than only the specific nutrient. Dont judge a food by a single nutrient but its overall, complete nutritional profile.

Here is a list of cow's milk formula available in the market.

1. Danone Dumex

2. Mead Johnson

3. Novalac

4. Friso Gold

5. Dutch Lady

6. Wyeth

7. Snow

8. Nan Grow

9. Anmum

10. Fernleaf

Goat's milk

1. Karihome

Organic milk:

1. Bonlife

2. Biokinder

3. Bellamy

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